VOLVERIUM. Open up to new realities by virtual reality

Volverium creates awareness for the impact of algorithms that result in today’s information bubbles.

The powerful algorithms designed to reinforce our interests also ensure that we see little of what’s new, different or unfamiliar. Biersteker’s Volverium aims to open us up again to a universe of new perspectives by putting you in the middle of it. Blending reality and virtual reality in analog ways.
Looking through VR glasses, the high tech planetarium like piece places you in the centre of a new universe. Giant lenses turn around you, rhythmically, elegantly distorting and bending reality as you experience it now, creating new viewpoints to look at your surroundings.

The art installation is created in collaboration with musician Jacco Gardner in the context of his new album. Living on the edges of kinetic art, virtual reality and augmented reality the music and installation guide you along new viewpoints and bended realities.
Volverium will premiere during Dutch Design Week 2018.

Just as the eye was made to see colours, and the ear to hear sounds, so the human mind was made to understand, not whatever you please, but quantity Johannes Kepler


Thijs Biersteker


nov - 2018


Thijs Biersteker


Casper vd Meer


Kees Plattel jr technologist : Melanie Kool


Jacco Gardner


Creative industry fund Netherlands

Thanks to

Ubi de Feo, Sylvain Vriens, Rein Janssen, Better Future Factory