Virtual Holiday Dinner

Virtual Holiday Dinner

With an office of 28 nationalities everyone wanted to be with their loved ones during the holidays, The same for people arround the world. That’s why we opened 15 minute slots of virtual holiday dinner time.

You were able to have a virtual Christmas dinner with friends and family. By moving your head in Skype you can control the robots at the table. Over three days 156 people from 6 continents gathered to have a holiday dinner together, screen to screen. From families separated to strangers meeting for the first time, we all toasted to this season of togetherness.

The website allewed you to have a “dinner party” of up to five people simply using Skype. Guests can call into the dinner, and their faces will be shown on screens attached to dolls. On our side we had build a custom eye-tracking system that so you can move around and look around simply by moving your head, cheering with auntie and ignoring the drunken uncle as usual.

The edges of innovation and social coherence during holiday season made this small idea travel around the globe, making headlines and starting copycats for years to follow.


Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam




Concept, creative technologist, host


R-Nul, Arnaud Ronquillo, Thiago


Simone Moessinger