OAT - The Shoes That Bloom

Introducing OAT. The first biodegradable sneaker in the world. Once done walking your walk, put them in the ground and they will not only degrade into nature. They will also bloom because of the seeds embedded in the shoe. Cradle to cradle at it’s best.

OAT was born out of a desire to create products that do more than look good. “We want to create products that connect people with their environment in an imaginative way. By making products that bloom we place people back into the natural cycle of life, so they can get back in touch with the natural side of things.

Introduction of OAT shoes
Amsterdam Fashion Awards 2011. An iconic show where models walked almost naked over the runway pushing a blooming oat shoe. Second place at the Award show.

OAT's first orders

We surprised the first retailers ordering OAT shoes with an “rotting” window installation where we buried the shoes in the window ready to decay. During the time the window installation came alive in beautiful ways.

Making of OAT shoes

I love this brand because OAT’s products are made in Europe from a combination of natural materials like hemp, flax and cork and certified biodegradable plastics. That’s how the shoes can be completely biodegradable when they’re underground. Until then you can wear them just like any other pair of sneakers so don’t worry about a little rain or mud!

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