The Creative Press Challenge

I designed a new type of creative competition for Dutch Newspaper de Volkskrant; the Creative Press Challenge. Based on the simple believe that Bad ideas can’t hide in print.

The competition is running for 3 years now. Yearly around 120 Dutch creatives use their creative skills to create a single page for a charity, learning to use their talent for more than selling sugar water. . The newspaper produces and places the print and submits it to Cannes lions festival.

Check out the “kickoff ideas for the creative press challenge 2014 -2015 : Run like a Refugee installation and the Interactive Punching Bag to fight cancer.


Distill An Idea. This beautiful video details the essence of the competition by way of illustrating ideation through a distillation process. Creatives are challenged to strip an integrated campaign down to a single print ad.


Director: Corriette Schoenaerts
Creative Director: Thijs Biersteker
Copywriter: Pieter van den Heuvel
Art dep: Jelier & Schaaf
DOP: Hessel Waalewijn
VFX: Fred Huergo
Editor: Will Judge
Sound: JONS
Music: Amp.Amsterdam
Production: UNIT


De Volkskrant


Own initiative


2013- 2014- 2015 - 2016


+- 120 young creatives



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