Coca-Cola Placelists

This App for Coke Music combined the music teens love to the places they love.
A collaboration between Coke and Spotify and some voting up and down gamification made it a whole new way to play with tunes.

With this app you can add songs to places, listen to places around the world, invite friends to listen with you and vote for your favorite songs.

From the beaches of Rio to Echo Park in L.A., 150,000+ music fans tuned in to over 20,000 Placelists, building brand love and strengthening the connection between Coca-Cola, teens and music. Teens discovered new music, inspired by places around the world that they may never have been able to find on their own. They shared songs they love with other music-loving teens across the globe, building collaborative, real-time playlists. Primary actions within the app (tuning in, adding songs, voting) generated Facebook stories and users shared their Placelists, inviting friends to join. Local markets used Placelists to promote Coke-sponsored artists and local music events, and the Placelists platform serves as a destination for on-pack marketing touting the Coke + Spotify partnership.


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