Thijs works on the edges of communication and innovation to create human-centered experiences, products, and services that provoke thoughts and smiles.

Thijs works at the conjunction of art, technological innovation, and marketing presents as an tech-fluent creativeAs a contemporary artist he keeps exploring how science and technology can deliver an empowering experience and at the same time be accessible both intellectually and technologically. The large-scale immersive art installations – are a combinations of data, analog elements visuals, light and sound.

Thijs is a bit of a hippie with a business plan, I have a big love for creating iconic, sustainable projects and products that help shift to a better future. As an entrepreneur he works together with talented people to set up pilot projects that work as stepping stones to make sustainable system change or sprout as a startup.

Thijs has been named in the Dutch top 12 most influential media people of 2017, His work won prestigious Cannes Lions awards for design and craft, numeral Webby’s and has been featured by discovery Channel, appeared in Wired Magazine, New Scientist, Fast company, the Guardian  Designboom, PSFK and many more.. His installation works where featured in the Mu Gallery, SXSW, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the prestigious Down the Rabbit hole festival.  



Here’s an overview of press coverage awarded to my work the past few years.


Thijs Biersteker

Email hello@thijsbiersteker.com
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Location Currently; Amsterdam, Netherlands
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